Investment Management

A comprehensive investment strategy and management is fundamental in preserving and growing wealth through the generations. Wealth management and investment advice is a complex process and requires a team of advisors who are financial industry specialists and who possess the experience and educational background to stay current in today's ever-changing investment world.

With independence and objectivity, the advisors at C.I.G. Private Wealth Management utilize a multidisciplinary institutional approach to managing the complex issues for retirees and high-net-worth families. We understand the issues of concern and have the unique planning and investment strategies needed to navigate those issues. A private and discreet relationship, personalized advice, and investment management solutions in all market conditions are all vital to our success working together.

Customized, Institutional-Style Portfolio Management

Targeted objectives for portfolio management based on identified goals: broad diversification, wealth preservation, independent and objective open architecture, discipline, and a risk-managed process.

Lifestyle Portfolios—Asset Allocation to Support Life's Needs

  • Income-focused investment strategies
  • Purchasing power preservation
  • Consistent real return expectations
  • Tax efficient

Legacy Portfolios—Asset Allocation to Support Future Generations

  • Capital growth and income strategies
  • Consistent real return expectations
  • Long-term focus
  • 100-year plan

Philanthropic Portfolios—Asset Allocation to Support Charitable Bequests Objectives

  • Balanced growth and income
  • Consistent real return expectations
  • Preservation of gifting power
  • Charitable
  • Tax and replacement planning strategies 
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